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I get it. I do. People want to know what kind of credentials you have before they start throwing projects at you. It’s good and smart business.

But can I tell you that given the choice between sitting on a rusty fork for three hours and 33 minutes and writing one of those safe and bland, template-based and formulaic intros like, “I am very passionate about the [whatever’s being sold] that I sell and helping people [buy whatever’s being sold that I sell] and…” (STOP! That’s not passion. That’s a sales pitch. And a bad one.) I’ll go with the fork.

So I collected some alchemetrics—some measurable magics—and I offer ’em up here by way of a more sincere introduction.

In just a few minutes you’re gonna know a lot more about me… and, more important if you’re in the market for a sell-sword ink-spiller, my writing…

1) I hold a degree in Literary and Media Arts from Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC.

2) I’m a multi-faceted wordworker with focused training—in journalism from DESA and in copywriting from AWAI. I use these skills daily in my professional and personal work, my art, my interactions, life.

It’s about the ability to research, listen and distil, get into the minds of my readers, provoke and inspire. You need all of that for the words to hit home, for the words to be effective.

3) I’ve lived in cities and forests in every corner of the US and a few dry stream beds in between. I’ve crisscrossed this place more times than I can remember—by thumb (yes, I was young once), rail, iron bird and good ole-fashion rubber on pavement.

They say the farther you travel the less you know.

Bullspit and horsefeathers.

The farther you travel the more you know. It’s just that you start taking less and less for granted or as gospel. You see fewer absolutes if, indeed, any—liberating as hell as those are kind of prerequisites to authentic experience.

4) I’m a digital immigrant with a permanent visa. It began with a notebook and a pen, became a laptop and a Word doc, and quickly morphed into a beast that breathes blogging, email marketing and brand building.

But even though these things are second nature to me now I still remember when they weren’t. I’m happy to talk you off of whatever virtual ledge you may be clinging to.

5) If it ain’t Soul it ain’t me. I bring my heart, mind and deepest creative mojo to all of my projects and endeavors—Boldness over blandness, Communication over conniving, the rejection of vitriol in favor of Vitality.

Every. Single. Time.

Anything less just isn’t worth it… for me or you.

Because, this:


That’s how it is. And that’s how it shall ever be.

Let’s get on with the living of it.

6) Words carry weight, lightness, being—what we say and how we say it matters. This core belief fuels my forever love affair with writing and has led me to pen articles, blogs, case studies, direct-response letters, social media campaigns and more for a diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs and heart-centered companies.

7) In studios, on stages and street corners I’ve collaborated and conspired with Rock-n-Roll Outlaws, Raw Roots Revivalists and the Premier Purveyor of Half-Pint Hip Hop

Vision-Driven Creatives who regard the question, “Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?” as irrelevant if not a total waste of time… people who’ve gone beyond contemplating a life of pure art to living it… damn, but those are my kind of people.

I’m an eagle. I fly. And I’m in love with the view.

8) The writing still and all-ways takes center stage and I immerse myself in my craft daily. Poetry, copywriting, stranger-than-fictions—I write. And I’m continually honing my skills so that the work that I do, whether for my personal brand or yours, keeps an edge at least as sharp as a Himalayan switchback.

9) The projects that I take on are built on shared vision, mutual respect and imagination. You need to be in love with my offerings and I need to be in love with yours, because when I go in I go all in. And, P.S., I set my prices accordingly.

Contact me here with your inspirations and elevations—your inklings and notions, your ‘how abouts’ and ‘what ifs’…

Shyness doesn’t become you…

Like me dear Uncle Willy was known to say after a few pints o’ the mead, “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met.”


To Your Wildly Creative Bones,



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