The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your List

Let’s get right into this.

The absolute worst thing you can do to your list.

(And, after over six years working online, I gotta say, this is my number one
complaint with digital marketers, especially the ones who use email
to sell—and if they’re not using email, they can hardly call themselves a
marketer, in my non-humble opinion.)

Anyway, the hands-down, number one gaff you can make with your list is

Not emailing them.

And then, blowing up their inbox.

Yeah, I know, it’s a two-parter, but it’s really the same thing, or, at least, 
it comes across that way.

What I mean. Too many modern marketers will demolish your inbox, 
sometimes sending dozens of emails over the course of a few days, so
long as they’re promoting their new product, course, event… whatever.

So long as there’s money to be made quickly, they couldn’t care more
about you.

“Hey [Your Name Here], this is a game-changer. Really, buy it now so I can help you.”

And you know what? I have no problem with this, at least in theory. Selling
is an art, and as a copywriter I’m always looking at how I’m being sold to…

…looking for what does and what doesn’t work in an over-saturated and, let’s face
it, often-times cynical (or in any case, skeptical-for-good reason) market.

Which brings me to the second of our two parts.

I don’t mind being sold to, what I mind is the “no promotion, no communication”,
sometimes for months, pattern that every other so-called guru falls into.

It’s nothing but the sound of crickets (until the next launch).

And, whether or not they mean it to come across as just another money grab,
it does.

Contrary to what they said in all those emails a month ago, they couldn’t
less about you.

Total turnoff.

And, it goes without saying, while this ‘tactic’ might work on a few people the first
time, it gets old quick—you might buy from them once, but probably not twice…

Even if you can’t put it into words, there’s a part of you that knows they’re just 
playing nice to make a quick buck—fatal mistake, if you’re actually trying to build a real (i.e. viable) business that’ll give you the time, money and choice freedom that you’re after.

A better way?

Stay in touch. Believe in what you sell. And sell in every email.

Yep. You read that right. Sell in every email.

If that comes as a surprise to you, it’s probably because there’s a mindset thing
at work here that falls into that “uncommon common sense” category.

I’ll write more about this mindset in part two tomorrow…

Mastering it is a must if you want to be successful.

Okay. Enough for today.

If you’re picking up what I’m laying down and you want to get started building
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To Your Prosperity,

Matias O’Din

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