The One That Got Me in Trouble

Just because I said something about a 2-bit garden tool…


[This was originally an email that I sent to my list, and the subject line was ‘Harder than a 2-bit Garden Tool’, and you can read about the fallout (and ultimate benefit) from it here.]


“For every wish, there is a price to pay.” ~ Bank of the Multiverse, Faith & Trust Co.

And while all forms of payment, including cash, are, at least in theory, acceptable currency, the difference between a million smackers and a song sung with Soul is non-existent in the sight of Our Common Creator Endlessness (or the Universe or whatever) if’n ya give it with a truly glad heart.

It’s the intention back of the act that makes the scrip worthy (equals awesome—we can start the installment plan now, even if we have “nothing”).

But cheques written reluctantly and without joy or out of some dull sense of obligation, while they might get you a temporary credit at the local branch, have a way of bouncing harder than a ho(e) on dollar day when the virtual paper makes it to Karmic Accounts Receivable.

Ya can’t get into Heaven by good deeds alone, so they say (and I’d agree, probably, but first I’d like to agree on the definition not only of “Heaven” but also what constitutes a “deed”… e.g., does a deed include the thought and emotion that inspired it and carried it through to completion?). (Food for thought.)

Meantime there’s a price to pay for every wish, whether it’s going to med skool to become a doctor or intentionally spelling words wrong and suffering the slings and arrows that always come a-flyin’ when you employ the use of colorful metaphor to make your emails stand out from all the generic bullspit peoples get in their inboxes everyday.

Question is, what’s your wish, and how many figures are you willing to pen into the pay line?

Okay, enough for now…

To your unbounced cheques,

Matias O’Din

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