The Fire in You {Poetry}

The Fire in You

there is a fire in you that cannot be extinguished.

its embers cannot smolder. its smoke can only rise.

there is a fire in you

that doesn’t need your excuses to burn…

doesn’t need your i-can’ts… has no taste for


it will devour them anyway.

there is a fire in you—a fire that is you.

walk into it.

no doubt you’ll be called mad when

all of your madness has been burned away.

insane when

the ashes of your insanity fall about you

like confetti.

walk into it. walk into the fire.

on the other side there is life shining, waiting

to embrace you.

one step and then

your only choice is to make it.




the fire in you | poetry | matias o'din

P.S. And you will.

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  1. Christine says:

    Beautiful darlin’

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