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I met Matias through the incredibly potent and lively Asheville, NC music and arts scene around the turning of the millennium. I knew him first as an avid student of ecstatic Sufi poetry and just a generally good guy, then, getting to know each other better, discovered an equally voracious appetite for other alternative-minded writings—from Kerouac to Hafiz—and the written word.

He’s a filler of notebooks, a scribbler on napkins and a mad scientist of strange linguistic experiments. His ideas blend seemingly disparate ingredients into remarkable gumbos…

But it’s his sincerity and the depth of his self-searching, his seeking into the world and life as much as his technical proficiency and verbal pyrotechnics that make his writing riveting.

Driven. Creative. Unique. Matias is a great friend—to me and to our artistic community.

–Cactus, aka Secret Agent 23 Skidoo | 2017 Grammy Winner, Author, Funky Wonka



Jennifer Knight | Writer, Actor, DirectorMatias’ work has a deepened pathos and an elevated craft—it is the work of life lived, sights seen, women loved and lost, friends dead or dying, and his own mortality.

But more than his consistent tone and subject it is his wide gaze, haunting and lucid, that has always marked his writing.

Matias’ obsessions continue to surprise as they evolve with time—sin, repose, redemption, distances, stars, alienation, outcroppings of trees, the life of a flower, the sun and our own conscious evolution are now tenderer, but more precise.

He is a poet of reluctant rebirth whose voice takes on elements of the mystic—wise and wry and longing for connection with the Source. And when he shines his light on longing, his work verges on the sublime:

The Cattails and the Queen Anne’s Lace/ wave from the roadside washes/ and this Highway is Holy/ save for the distance it puts between us.

I think Matias is a great American poet. He is such an inspiration to me because he’s always been brave and curious about learning and seeking out new experiences, prioritizing the evolution of one’s consciousness as the prime motivator and purpose on Earth.

Jennifer Knight | Writer, Theater Artist, Director (POWER! Stokely Carmichael)



George Karos | Praise | Matias O'DinOver the last 20+ years I’ve been fortunate enough to have collaborated with Matias and observed and learned from his creative process and working talents—both musical and poetic. It has been an enriching experience.

His work is filled with musical influences ranging from doo-wop and early rock-n-roll to folk, blues, ska, jazz and metal and from literary sources that span epic, romantic and ecstatic poetry to haiku and free-verse. All of these forms are implemented into his own unique and flowing lyrical style.

Having had three books of poetry published by Red Dragon Press and currently working on my fourth I can say that Matias has truly helped and inspired my own work and poetic efforts. He has proven time and time again that he is a man of honor, extreme knowledge and creative power.

–George Karos | Poet, Recording Artist, Musician and Performer




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