Making Coin by Diluting Others

This Here, It Ain’t No Ministry for Trolls…

If you’ve ever used email (or social media) to promote your services or products, then you’re no doubt familiar with the dreaded “troll.”

(I say ‘dreaded’… but really, there’s nothing to fear. I’ll get back to that in a minute.)

Seems like there’s always that a-hole who’s got nothing better to do than to try to rip up your offer (and you in the process) by blowing up your inbox, leaving malicious comments on your posts, crying “Scam!” in an attempt to show the world how intelligent and clever they are.

Too savvy to fall for your b.s., they are. And they want everyone to know it, too.

A dear friend of mine (name withheld by request) who’s in the personal development arena, and who is, in my humble but accurate estimation, one of the most beautiful and genuine people on the planet, recently told me that,

“Every time I send out an email I get at least a few people emailing me back calling me a ‘Slut’!”

Which doesn’t even make sense. It happens, though, and it can sting.

But it doesn’t have to.

All it takes, really, is a small shift in perception to realize that there will always be haters among us—trolls who’d rather spend their time trying to “take down”, humiliate and con those of us who are doing

…rather than doing anything of value for the world, themselves.

It’s laughable.

(I figured this out years ago when I was the frontman in an alt-hip hop band—there are always naysayers, and, even though I’d get butterflies and have to manage my fear of being ridiculed literally every time I was about to perform, perform I did.

And you know what? Just walking out onto the stage was the hardest thing. The first step.

After that… nothing but flow.

And when I’d walk off the stage I’d always feel better than before.

Because there’s a kind of magic in boldness—in owning your own path.

And, even if the show sucked, I had the deep deep satisfaction of knowing that I’d done something.)

But why am I going on about this?

Well, case in point.

Today I opened up my email to find the following message (I’ve modified it so it’s just plain text—no graphics or working links):



Hello! I use a new email filtering service called BitBounce to filter my email. To deliver your email to my inbox, please click the button below and pay the small cryptocurrency fee.
Thank you!

$99.00 to deliver your email.

We’ve never met — I’ll pay your fee.

I know you — Add me to your whitelist.


Hah! I LOVE that!

“We’ve never met — I’ll pay your fee.”

Seriously, I was so amused when I opened it that I LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

Someone thought about that for a minute, and did their damnedest to utilize their best (pre-packaged and obviously untested) copywriting “skillz” to convince me to cough up the coin.

Time that would’ve been better spent, oh, I dunno, maybe…

Studying and absorbing as much as they can from the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, and then implementing what they learn?

Creating a product that people can actually benefit from?

Using the free guide I sent them as a blueprint to building a real and sustainable business that will serve others and provide them with a reliable income stream (a LOT more than a measly one-off $99 extortion) for years?

But to each their own.

Myself I think Earl Nightingale stated it perfectly:

“No man can get rich himself unless he enriches others… We may avoid the laws of man for awhile, but there are greater laws that cannot be broken… You get back what you give out. There are no exceptions to the law of mutual exchange. If you believe you can enrich yourself by diluting others, you can end only by diluting yourself. It may take time, but it will happen.”

Funny thing is, it probably took that dood more time to build out that email (the original was heavily coded… all kindsa slick-looking), get on people’s list and send it to ’em than it would’ve taken to build a simple 2-page funnel with a great offer…

…and then follow up with the folks who were interested in using it to improve their own lives (and the lives of those around them).

And, I have no idea how effective it is, but I’d be willing to bet my business that it rarely succeeds and, even when it does, he ain’t getting any repeat buyers.

Okay. Enough for today. This has already gone longer than I had intended.


If your aim is to make the moolah by conning others, then brother, then sister, you’ve stumbled into the wrong virtual church.

But if you know that by enriching others you yourself will be enriched beyond your wildest dreams, you’ve come to the right place.


To Your Prosperity,

Matias O’Din

PS. If you haven’t picked up the free guide that I created outlining the exact steps you can take to go from zero to $10k in passive income in about 30 Days (results will vary, depending on how much time you have to put into it at first) go here to download it:

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