There Is Magic in Boldness {Meditations on Active Faith}

“Do something to show your faith. Faith without works is dead.

Buy a new bag or wallet, saying, ‘This is my magic purse to hold the money the Universe sends me.’ It gives you a feeling of prosperity and expectancy.

Now get a new fountain pen and say, ‘This is a magic pen for endorsing.’

Give away old clothes that make you feel poor. They will drag you down.

This is true prayer, which means preparation. You now feel that you have already received (on the invisible plane). Manifestation will come under grace.”

—Florence Scovel Shinn

Or put another way:

there is magic in boldness | matias o'din

There Is Magic in Boldness

But you don’t have to step into the ring with a prize fighter if you want to be the champion of your own life, at least not at first.

All that’s required to realize your righteous desires, whatever they may be, is a gesture—a gesture that flows from intuition, is backed by intention, crystallized with an affirmation.

Now do it again. And again. And then again some more.

Example: Jim Carrey makes a cheque out to himself in the amount of $10 million and at the bottom writes, “for acting services rendered.” He does this at a time when he’s a virtual unknown, and far from being a millionaire. He post-dates the cheque five years to the day and puts it in his wallet, looks at it frequently.

He keeps auditioning and even lands some parts…

…does not “despise the day of small things,” knowing that they lead to big things…

does become known as a master of physical comedy who fully commits to his characters…

And, five years later, just months before the now-tattered and frayed, faded cheque comes due, is offered a starring role in Dumb and Dumber.

It pays $10 million.

(I wonder what would have happened if he’d post-dated that cheque just a year out?)

By showing active faith in thought, word and deed, and continuing to proceed with confidence (boldness) his demonstration came to pass…

Ole Jimmy Boy asked (wrote the cheque). Believed (meditated on the cheque, imagining life as if the funds were already in his bank account). Received (got the gig).

Or put another way:

He manifested like a muvvahtruckah, muvvahtruckah.

And every single one of us has this power.

Wanna make some magic?

(Or, rather, let it come through you?)

Florence Scovel Shinn | There Is Magic in Boldness

Florence Scovel Shinn

Here are a few affirmations (also via Flo Sco) to try on whilst making your gestures, minding your meditations and writing cheques to yourself (drawn from the Bank of the Universal, Faith & Trust Co.):

“Awakened to my good, I miss not a trick. The Divine Idea expresses Itself in my Mind, Body and Affairs.”

“As money goes out, I touch a Hidden Spring, releasing large sums of money that return to me, under grace in perfect ways.”

“My seemingly impossible good now comes to pass, in unexpected and miraculous ways.”
And, because cash and currency are a part of wealth but not its totality, a list as long as your perfect arm and full of teeth like your perfect grin containing a whole shite-load of ideas and images aimed at igniting your imagination (and pairing well with your holy mother mantras)…

(Note: these are direct from my notebook and unedited—alter for your own altars as you see fit.)

 Abundance Is: 

1) Keeping the sugar bowl full and the honey jar, too.

2) Strong coffee with extra cream, and another cup to go, please.

3) Cut flowers and acorns on the window ledge in the kitchen and the living room and the den…

4) Bacon—when what you want is bacon (and God rest ye, Merry Pigglemen).

5) Drums, fucking drums!

6) Pa rumpa pum pum.

7) Singing at the top of your lungs like EVERYONE is listening and this is the last Heart Song the world will ever hear from you—(this IS my gift to you!)

8) Whiskey sour, whisky sweet, whiskey on the rocks and whisky neat.

9) HER.

10) Dreams in the daytime. Dreams in the nighttime. And every Dream in its time.

11) The appointed time and it is all-ways NOW.

12) One-hundred million Angels singing

13) Dancing around the Circle of the Sun…

14) And playing air-guitar to the song like your very life depended on it and it does, it really fucking does.

15) The snowflakes flying October to April and oft-times September to May and 100 words to describe them are still not enough.

16) Sweeping and mopping if only to track mud through the house again. Especially that. And doing it again.

17) The good beer—the kind that comes in cans or bottles or kegs or growlers. Sometimes in plastic cups.

18) Two cast-iron pans when all you need is one—and both so very well seasoned.

19) The indefinite suspension if not total destruction of all disbelief, all “knowledge” based on learned interpretations of experience, all cynicism and “more clear-eyed than thou” arguments for the inevitable eventuality of the victimization of the monads and nomads who populate our Dreams—who are WE, our truest versions of ourSelves—to let the light in and let the light out.

20) Wild Rovers beside the seaside.

21) The green, green grass of home.

22) Shouting blessings through a megaphone—they echo through the mountains—bathed in light now, bathed in light, covered with dew and reflecting the myriad forms.

23) Forgiveness.

24) Gratitude for the milk-stained sheets—they mean that your daughter was there, and that she was fed and happy.

25) An Ode to Joy… and JOY!!

26) Love. And in this, the greatest of these, surely there is no ism…


To your wildly prepared bones,



PS. Revel is a road someday traveled by the multitudes.

Or put another way:

Share this with your future and nowever traveling companions!

(I’ll see you on the road, friend…)


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