Creative Manifesto

We Are All Artists and Manifestation Specialists. Our unique perceptions co-create the collective dream we call Reality.

Image, rhythm and language are central to the process—they may not be Truth with a capital “T” (if there is such a thing) but at their best they reflect, express and point towards it, serving as signposts on the road leading back to it.

At their worst and most unconscious they take us further into the quagmire, the confusion, the self-made drama—the bullshit utterly.

I choose the former in all of its absurd glory—constructing sentences, splattering canvases, banging my own drum through portals to the nowhere Source, the Source that is Now Here.

This Is How the Unmanifest Becomes the Real.


only impossible dreamsare worth dreaming anyway | Creative Manifesto | image via Matias O'Din

“The Work that is ours on Earth lies in translating the point with no dimension into dimension for the reciprocal maintenance of the planet.”

A Sufi who wishes to remain anonymous said that.

I say this:



Let’s do the damn thing.

Words Carry Weight. And Lightness. And Being.

Impulse becomes symbol becomes letter and word—words combine opening pathways, passages, possibilities that we manifest in time, or not.

Where broken clocks are the only true tellers of time it hardly makes a difference.

“Even if it’s not written in a journal, it’s still Eternal.” 

But all things being equal, I’d rather share my scribbles with my friends.

Image & Symbol Arise from and Aim for Deep Psyche.

Infused with intent they are magical propaganda, “Hermetic Action at a Distance”.

Why use these powers to make the world more miserable?

Let’s tell better stories. All-Ways.

Shift. Uplift. Create.

(I can… I will… I AM.)

A new day is ours for the taking. A new day is ours for the making. Heaven is here—and it’s OPEN.

A Life Not Lived Is…A Life Not Lived.

And that is tragic. Truly.

But here’s the thing—sitting around counting the world’s woes helps no one any more so than sitting around counting our own woes. As a matter of fact, it hurts.

Get out of your head, deeper into the body. Even deeper…

Fall through the Multiverse and when you land on the same shore you started out from, you just might find yourself completely changed.

It’s time to focus on those things we want most—our wildest, boldest, most brilliant dreams.

creative manifesto | matias o'din | writings from revel road

We Are Luminous Beings All.

The Here-and-Now-Ever permeates every sweating pore, every hand yearning to hold and every mind learning to let go… ebbing and flowing in an infinite loop.

Dream is made flesh is made dream by inhabiting the body whole…

Make It Happen. Imagine. Then Turn It Into Action.

Matias O’Din

P.S. If you’ve got an idea, an inkling or an aha you’d like to share with me, the best way to do that is via email:

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