About Matias O’Din

Who the Hell Is Matias O’Din?

Matias O’Din is an alt-copywriter, email specialist and author who slyly refers to himself as an ‘anti-tactician’.

He also can’t stand bios written in the third-person (as if he hired someone else to write this page, and this page alone, of his website—making him look good in the process).

So let’s just skip that.

Hi, my name is Matias…

And, while it’s true that a handful of pithy, made-for-the-internet paragraphs could never even come close to summing up what a person is about, here are five of the relevant bits:

1) I’m an Alt-Copywriter—I create my own products, write my own ads to promote them, and email the people on the lists that I’ve built (regularly if not daily) with additional tips, techniques and insights to help them get the most out of said products.

And, for a few select clients, I provide copywriting and marketing services sans bylines…

…doesn’t really matter what niche you’re in (but I tend to attract the DIY types) so long as our visions and schedules align.

2) I’m an Email Poet/Specialist who loves the fine art of writing email copy. It’s fun, it’s rewarding (both financially and spiritually) and I take the craft seriously, keeping the late, great David Ogilvy’s words at the fore whilst banging away at the keyboard:

“Your prospect is not an idiot. She is your wife.”

3) And an ‘Anti-Tactician’. Meaning that you can learn all the “weird” copywriting tricks you want to, split-test your subject lines, body copy and fonts from here to freakin’ Eternity, and work on optimizing your sales funnels’ meta-data for the search engines until your fingers bleed—if the content of your emails betrays yet another shameless money grab or, even worse, is boring… it’s all for naught.

Better to master the conversation about your brand by creating the highest-quality, mission-driven and personality-based emails that you can, unapologetically and consistently…

…do that and people will be happy (if not foaming-at-the-mouth eager) to see your name in their inboxes and open the emails you send them.

That other stuff, the tactical stuff, isn’t necessarily useless…

By all means, learn as much as you can about everything from SEO to social media best practices to why sentences are structured the way they are in the greatest, highest-converting direct-response sales letters of all time…

Just don’t forget that businesses that last aren’t built on “tricks”—businesses that last (and thrive) are built on foundations created with care, purpose and integrity.

4) I’m the author of two books (and I’m currently working on number three).

None of ’em are about copywriting.

5) Like many of my ilk, I’m partial to a cold beer or three… and, like the emails I write, the preferred frequency is daily.

Wanna go deeper? The best way to do that is to email me:


I know you saw that coming…

Matias O’Din

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