Newest Ink | Matias O'Din


Making Coin by Diluting Others

This Here, It Ain’t No Ministry for Trolls… If you’ve ever used email (or social media) to promote your services or products, then you’re no doubt familiar with the dreaded “troll.” (I say ‘dreaded’…...


The One That Got Me in Trouble

Just because I said something about a 2-bit garden tool… == [The original subject line for this email was ‘Harder than a 2-bit Garden Tool’, and you can read about the fallout (and ultimate...


For Every Wish There’s a Price to Pay

It ain’t a ‘how-to’ manual, but for these purposes, it works… “Deepen your practice. Practice your craft. Craft your experience.” I’ve probably said that to myself thousands of times over the last few years....

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